Tai Chi closed series workshop

Your curiosity, our offering:
Tai Chi closed series Workshop!

🌟 Explore Tai Chi Yang Style 24 Form: Flow with slow movements and deep breaths, fostering energy harmony within.

🌬️ Poses for Peace: Embrace graceful, deliberate poses focusing on breath and inner energy flow.

🤸‍♀️ Benefits: Tai Chi can enhance balance, flexibility, and coordination, soothe stress, boost heart health, tone muscles (legs and core), and elevate overall well-being.

🥋 Join Howie: A 5th-degree black belt with 30+ yrs in Wushu and 15+ yrs in Tai Chi.

  • What’s a closed series?
    • Start from the first class, as each builds on the last!
  • When?:
    • Starting Sep 12th, 2 separate series (take one or both!):
      • Tuesdays: 6:45 – 8:00pm and/or
      • Fridays: 7:15am-8:30am
  • How much?
    • No added cost. This is part of your membership or Class pass pack!

Limited spaces – register soon!

200HR YTT – Free Class & Info session!

200HR YTT – Free yoga class and info session

Join us for a rejuvenating Hatha Yoga class led by Lucy and Niki from Wholebody Paradigm.

Lucy and Niki are seasoned educators with profound knowledge and expertise, who are not only teachers themselves but also instructors of other yoga teachers!

Stick around after class for tea, cookies, and an info session where they’ll answer all your questions about how to deepen your practice through our Yoga Teacher Training program coming in September!

You are in for a treat – don’t miss out!

Click here for more info on the training program

In Studio Massage is here!

In Studio Massage is here!!

Meet Kal, massage therapist with over 25 yrs experience. 

As an athlete performing in triathlons, Kal has intimate knowledge of sports biomechanics. 

As a “gym rat” Kal understands the need for rapid myofascial release and deep tissue massage. 

As a former martial artist, Kal understands meridian lines and energy transfer within the body.

Don’t miss out on this amazing deal: 60 Min oil/Thai Combo massage for $90

Register through the Wellness Achieve app or directly at: 604.644.5946

Curious about Yoga? Try Heights Yoga with a Free Introductory Class!

Have you heard of yoga and don’t know where to start?

We’ve all been there!

Yoga is meant to benefit EVERYONE regardless of age or experience level.

At Heights Yoga, you will feel welcome and embraced. Whether you are an advanced practitioner or someone who has never tried it, we got you!

Our classes are meant to adapt to what your body and mind needs each time you walk into the studio. Our beautiful practice rooms are equipped with infrared panels to heat up your body while maintaining the air clean. We invite you to try a HOT, Warm or Non-heated yoga class.

Try a FREE Intro Class Today!
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Introductory offer for new students only

Valid for one class

20 Yoga Intensive with Sabu Chaitanya

Reduce anxiety, stress and depression.

Gain vitality, positive energy flow in the body, stimulate energy centers. Improve your breathing, strengthen muscles and optimize body functioning. 

Alleviate stiffness and aching joints.

Discover the powerful healing techniques of pranayama and breathing exercises.  Transform your body and mind!  

Transformative, challenging and fun

For over 35 yrs., Sabu Chaitanya has been teaching yoga intensives following the Sivananda lineage to students of all levels. He has transmitted the ancient wisdom of Yoga to thousands of people and his experience, sincerity, and dedication offer life-transforming methods towards self-healing, balance and peace of mind.

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Morning Classes

Afternoon Classes

Dates and times don’t work?

No problem, E-mail us at info@heightswellness.ca if interested interchanging dates sessions 

suitable for ALL experience levels

Spaces limited – Don’t miss out

Supporting through Karma Classes

Effective Mar 1st, with your help, Karma classes will be supporting Dixon Transition Society.

These are free Classes with a minimum suggested donation of $5.00. All proceeds will go towards this amazing organization that has been supporting the community since 1973. “Dixon Transition Society helps to reduce the impact of domestic violence by providing a safe haven for women and children. Transitional housing programs, counselling and outreach services form a continuum of care to help women and children live a life free from violence”

Your support will go a long way!!

When: Fridays at 4:30pm

Temperature is rising!

Thanks to your feedback, we are rising the heat!

Heating our beautiful rooms with infrared panels, the schedule will display if you are signing up for a HOT or WARM yoga class.

HOT: 35 – 38 ⁰ C

WARM: 30 – 34 ⁰ C

FIT & Power Yoga Classes are non-heated, you bring the heat!

Last Class of 2022!

Join us on this purposeful last class of 2022!

A 90 minute Gentle HOT Flow + Meditation to help set intentions for the New Year while letting go of the year that passed.

Let’s be intentional!

Bring a journal or paper, pen, and an open mind to path the way for 2023.

Saturday Dec 31st from 5:00 – 6:30pm.

Register here today

Thank you 1st Responders!

First Responders, as a thank you for what you do, we want to⁩ offer you 2 weeks of free yoga.

Here is how…

  1. Start by visiting us here
  2. Add the pass to your cart
  3. In the discount field, enter code Namaste
  4. Go to checkout
  5. Download the free WellnessAchieve app to register for classes
  6. Please email us an image of your work ID or Business Card to info@heightswellness.ca

That’s it!! Your two weeks will begin on your first class.

Pass must be activated and First class must be taken by November 30th.

Thanks for all you do. We are honoured to share this offering with you.

Questions? Info@heightswellness.ca