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Safety & Etiquette

Arrive early

You’ll need time to check in, put your belongings away and set up for class.

Masks are optional

The comfort and experience of our guests is very important. We will continue to be a mask friendly studio and respect individual choices.

Shoes off

Please remove your shoes at the door and place them on the shoe rack.

Get unplugged

Our practice rooms are phone-free zones. Please silence your phone and leave it in your locker.

Scent Free

We are a scent-free studio. To respect those with sensitivities, please refrain from using perfume, scented lotions, hair products and essential oils.

Clutter Free

Bring your mat, towel, props, and water or tea into the practice rooms.

Spots are marked

Place your mat on the floor markers in the practice rooms.

Keep it clean

Return your props and if using a rental mat, please spray it downstairs and hang it to dry.

Be quick and conserve water

Keep your shower short and leave the stall clean for the next yogi in line.


Our practice rooms are meditative spaces. Please observe silence in the practice rooms. Set up quietly. Be mindful of others when leaving.