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Wellness Practitioners


Heights Yoga and Wellness is a centre formed by a community of passionate yoga students united by the love of yoga and mindfulness

Mahvash (updated)

Mahvash Derakhshan

Registered Clinical Counsellor (She/Her)


Mahvash is a Registered Clinical Counsellor specialising in body-oriented, holistic, and integrative therapeutic modalities. She is certified to practice Mindfulness-Based Somatic therapy (MBST) and Somatic Release Breathwork (SRBW).

If you feel hopeless, stuck, drained, lost, numb, and find it difficult to feel joy and happiness; if you feel a tension that is constantly activated and stealing your energy away; and if you feel exhausted or unmotivated; there is a great chance that you hold some undigested and repressed emotions and experiences in your body. 

If that is how you feel and where you are, then allow Mahvash to hold a safe space for you to digest and release your repressed emotions and experiences, and replace them with elevated, joyful emotions accompanied by clarity. Through a holistic approach, she empowers you to take a proactive role in your healing process as you gain control over your nervous system, your body, your mind, and consequently your life.

Mahvesh brings 30 years of experience in the mental health and social service sector. I have my own share of trauma, life-changing events, and oppression. When I felt hopeless and lost, I learned in the presence of an empathic witness how to access my inner ability to heal. I also learned how to hold a safe space for others as they heal.

Wellness Practitioners - Brenda Nguyen

Brenda Nguyen

Music Instructor (She/Her)

Brenda is an energetic, fun, and vibrant music teacher! She graduated from the University of British Columbia with a bachelor’s degree in Music majoring in Percussion. Brenda has been playing piano since the age of 4 years old and her passion for music led her to pursue teaching music as a career. Brenda loves working with children of all ages (and even adults)! 

Brenda has been leading the Music Together® program since 2012, and enjoys observing what kids at such a young age can pick up! It is an award winning program designed as a mixed ages, family-style music class, that really instils the basic foundation of music in an informal setting.

Wellness Practitioners - Monique Wong

Monique Wong

Registered Clinical Counsellor (She/Her)


After being in Canada as an international student, Monique decided to immigrate and make this beautiful country her home. She is a Registered Clinical Counsellor and a Canadian Certified Counsellor, with over 10 years of experience working with adults in managing their academic, career and life transitions. 

Monique’s work has been involved with complex issues including history of childhood abuse, family or/and sexual violence, traumatic events, self-harm, panic attacks, immigrant and cultural adjustment, visible and invisible illnesses, grief and loss.

Her practice philosophy is that everyone is the author of their stories. She believes human connection is the basic ingredient for healing. She takes on a collaborative approach in co-creating a supportive environment to understand how your experience impacts your life, and assists you in finding ways to be able to enjoy and live your life as fully as possible again.

Her counselling approach focuses on the mind-body connection through the lens of cultural humility, Somatic Experiencing (Advance Level II), Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing (EMDR trained), narrative and existential therapeutic approaches. She also draws on a variety of other therapeutic techniques including mindfulness self-compassion, acceptance & commitment theory, dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), play and art therapies, and cognitive behavior approach (CBT)

Wellness Practitioners - Fiona Juniper

Fiona Juniper

Certified Personal Coach (She/Her)

BA in Psych, BCRPA
Instagram @junipermindandbody

Fiona is a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor (BCRPA) with a BA in Psychology (SFU) and a passion for realistic, sustainable and enjoyable health and fitness! Fiona runs a small-group personal training program for women of all levels and offers private one-on-one strength-training sessions at the studio. 

Fiona is passionate about creating a safe space for women to try out strength-training, and help them feel strong & empowered in their bodies.