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Heights Yoga and Wellness is a centre formed by a community of passionate yoga students united by the love of yoga and mindfulness


A way of moving your body slowly into various yoga poses (asanas). This type of yoga focuses on controlled breathing (pranayama) while holding poses for several breaths before moving onto the next one.
Benefits of Hatha yoga
  • Muscle and joint flexibility: – Studies, including a 2015 study in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science, suggest that participants of Hatha Yoga show improvement in flexibility in spine and hamstrings. The studio further recommends Hatha for older adults looking to improve range of motion in their joints.
  • Core strength – A 2016 study suggests that after a few weeks of Hatha yoga training, participants improve core muscle strength and balance
  • Stress release, ease back pain, and improve emotional wellbeing
Hatha may be a better fit if you:
  • Are new to Yoga
  • Want to focus on strength, posture and flexibility
  • Are looking for a slower pace practice where you can breath through poses

Vinyasa Flow

In this Yoga approach, you move from one pose directly onto the next one. Although the pace of the flow varies from one instructor to the next, transitions are usually coordinated with your breath. A pose usually begins with the inhale while using the exhale to transition to the next pose. This approach makes you feel like your breath is moving your body!
Benefits of Vinyasa Flow
  • Cardio workout – According to a 2013 study, the pace of a vinyasa flow combined with the physical challenge, provide a light intensity cardio workout.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety – researchers have found that practising vinyasa flow yoga helps reduce levels of stress and anxiety.
Flow may be better fit if you:
  • Are familiar with popular yoga postures (although not necessary since instructors provide modifications to suit all levels)
  • Looking for a cardio workout

Power Flow

This would be considered a Vinyasa Flow on steroids! Similar to a Vinyasa, a Power Flow Class uses breath to transition through poses, however, the postures are more challenging and require more strength. Your instructor will guide you through each pose, and while modifications are available, we recommend taking a Vinyasa flow to become familiar with poses, before taking this challenging and regarding Power Flow Class.

Traditional Indian Yoga class

One of our most popular classes, consists of a combination of Hatha and Vinayasa flows to challenge your strength, flexibility and cardio while emphasising pranayama (breathing techniques).
In this class, instructors may add a mantra (chanting) or mudra (hand gestures to center and enhance the flow of energy), and a brief meditation; although you are welcome to avoid these. 

As part of the Traditional modality, we also offer a DETOX Yoga class. This class includes a mixture of standing and sitting poses, which concentrate on spinal twists and bends. The class focuses on breath to flush out toxins from the body and concludes with savasana!

Traditional Class may be a fit for you if:

  • You are familiar with yoga postures
  • Are looking for a strength, flexibility and core/cardio challenge
  • Would like to incorporate meditative approach to your practice
  • Would like to try a more traditional approach to yoga


This style targets the deepest tissues- ligaments, joints, and fascia– with longer-held poses. A much slower-paced class, Yin’s meditative approach provides deep relaxation.

During a Yin class, the instructor will guide you through a series of floor poses that mainly focus on your lower body and can be held for 5 minutes or longer. With the use of blocks or props, you will be passively stretching and loosening connective tissues while breathing through the physical sensations of your body.

Benefits of Yin:

  • Increase circulation, flexibility and joint mobility
  • Calming the nervous system
  • Encourages deeper relaxation


This class provides an effective way to build and maintain a strong core, improve posture, and keep your body mobile. It provides a low-impact workout that focuses more on muscle tone than building muscles with an emphasis on the core and back muscles. While most people think of core as ab muscles, Pilates extends it well beyond that. Back, sides, hips and very much included. Our pilates classes don’t require the use of equipment. This is a great class for all levels and modifications are provided.

Benefits of Pilates:

  • Increased flexibility
  • Added muscle tone
  • Improved strength


If you are looking for a workout using your mat, this is the class for you! With the use of light weights or bands, your instructor will guide you through a series of high repetition exercises to challenge your cardio and muscle strength targeting both your upper and lower body. 

Although this is a challenging class, modifications are available to accommodate all levels.