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Tai Chi closed series workshop

Your curiosity, our offering:
Tai Chi closed series Workshop!

🌟 Explore Tai Chi Yang Style 24 Form: Flow with slow movements and deep breaths, fostering energy harmony within.

🌬️ Poses for Peace: Embrace graceful, deliberate poses focusing on breath and inner energy flow.

🤸‍♀️ Benefits: Tai Chi can enhance balance, flexibility, and coordination, soothe stress, boost heart health, tone muscles (legs and core), and elevate overall well-being.

🥋 Join Howie: A 5th-degree black belt with 30+ yrs in Wushu and 15+ yrs in Tai Chi.

  • What’s a closed series?
    • Start from the first class, as each builds on the last!
  • When?:
    • Starting Sep 12th, 2 separate series (take one or both!):
      • Tuesdays: 6:45 – 8:00pm and/or
      • Fridays: 7:15am-8:30am
  • How much?
    • No added cost. This is part of your membership or Class pass pack!

Limited spaces – register soon!

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