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Extraordinary Soundbath experience!

Join us for a special 90-minute session that combines the upcoming spring equinox and Lunar Eclipse, creating a unique opportunity for personal growth and healing. This event is designed to offer a safe space to align, clear, and embrace the energy of the new moon through sound healing.

During the session, you’ll engage in deep breathing and set your intentions, while immersing in the healing sounds of chimes, crystal bowls, and other instruments. These sounds work together to rebalance and rejuvenate your energy flow, awakening your chakras and enhancing your connection to your inner self.

Sound healing uses sound vibrations to promote relaxation, balance, and wellness. It’s an effective practice for releasing tension, lowering stress, and fostering inner peace and healing, ultimately unlocking your potential for self-healing and bringing about significant positive changes in your life.

Guided Breath and Meditation : 
Guided breathing dates back to ancient times when it was often incorporated into yoga, martial arts, and Buddhist practices (it can be traced to other religions as well). Togather with meditation, it can be transformational, bringing clarity and vitality.
Healing Vibrations: Immerse yourself in the Healing Vibrations that cascade over you, promoting relaxation, stress relief, and an extraordinary sense of inner peace. The sound bath’s therapeutic frequencies work harmoniously to restore your body’s natural equilibrium.
Aromatherapy: Elevate your experience with aromatherapy, as the delicate essence of essential oils enhances relaxation and deepens your connection to the healing vibrations.
Event Highlights:
Sunday March 24, 2024
What to Bring:
Yoga mat
Comfortable clothes (loose recommended)
Eye mask
Water bottle
What’s Included:
Tea offering

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