Helene - Instructor

Helene has been a yoga enthusiast for many years. Her love of the practice has helped her manage stress and a debilitating back injury. Her life’s purpose is to care for and motivate others to be the best they can be. Helene is trained in Modo Level 1, Modo Flow, Modo Fit, Yin, Modo Calm and is trauma informed. Her classes aim to challenge students both physically and emotionally with an emphasis to move within their own range of motion. Yoga is a large part of her daily routine, and she applies these teachings to all aspects of life. Helene continually strives to make yoga accessible to all.


Anita - Instructor

Growing up in the 60's in Vancouver one would presume that yoga would be a ‘given’ for me. Not the case. After a soccer injury I was forced to try a less dangerous and physically demanding sport. Reluctantly I tried yoga. I was a student of Bikram yoga for 15 years. I switched to Modo and somehow found myself in a treehouse in Nicaragua learning all about Modo Yoga. My classes will be a combination of the two Hatha styles compressed into a one hour warm class. My favourite postures from both sequences combined into one. I’m calling it Bikmo.


Meagan - Instructor

BC born, I am a natural outdoor and fitness enthusiast. I came to yoga as a form of recovery with my weight training. After my first class in the hot room, I was hooked!  My journey here has involved helping in reception and being a volunteer, student and now teacher.


Brad - Instructor


Carolyn - Instructor


Shayla - Instructor


Tina - Instructor

As a forever student in Yoga and Reiki energy healing, Tina is experienced in holding space for people who wish to dive deeper, to reconnect with the true essence within.
Namaste in Sanskrit means "the divine light in me honours the divine light in you." We all have a spark inside each of us that is divine and loving. We may have forgotten that’s our true nature. Through Tina’s journey with both Yoga and Reiki, she has learnt to tune in, unveil and reconnect with that light inside her. “I am humble to be here, and if you allow me to be your guide, I will hold your hands with all my heart.”